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Skirt: Twentyfourseven  Coat: Forever21  Heels: Zara  Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Snapped these photos just the other day one sunny morning in Jerusalem as my husband and I were walking around Jaffa gate sipping freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. We ended up in the Arab Market and came across a fabric shop I’ve heard about and wanted to visit for a while. The shop was full of many beautiful and unique fabrics all imported from Middle Eastern countries and cities such as Egypt, Damascus and Istanbul. I can spend hours in a fabric store just like a kid in a candy shop, I wish I had snapped some photos, unfortunately, I was to busy admiring the whole atmosphere around. I ended up getting a few yards of some really beautiful material and my husband got a hand made Jalabia, I wonder on what occasion he’ll end up wearing that?! haha.

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This store is really amazing! straight ahead of Jaffa gate towards the Arab market, you simply walk down the stairs and take the first left, the fabric store is located a few meters ahead on the left. hope this helped and thanks for reading! xx

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