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  It’s never easy being a mom trying to juggle Life and motherhood. Between having the kids home on summer vacation and my house being renovated things are a bit more busy than usual. This morning as my husband took our older son to work and the baby was having his morning nap I quickly took advantage of that short window of opportunity and updated the blog. Being a wife, a mom of 2 kids, and being a housekeeper and a student I can not help but feel overwhelmed at times by all the many things happening in life. When I’m with the kids I feel guilty of not pursuing my career dreams and when I am busy with a project or I am at school for hours at a time I feel even worse. The last thing I want to sound is ungrateful because I know I am blessed beyond words with a loving husband, two beautiful boys, this blog I am so passionate about and so much more. But when a week passed by and I hadn’t put up a single post I kept thinking how do I make this all work and not give up?

 Then I realized it is all about letting go of the guilt, although we can’t be at all places at the same time, we can find balance and try to make it all work. There are so many interest we have as humans, the last thing we want is to neglect a hobby or a passion we have. If you have a dream don’t just dream of it, make it happen and if you are not successful at least you tried. Keeping up with our many different interest besides motherhood is what will make us greater moms to our children at the end of the day. xx,


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I wish I still had the article because I just read something that explained how women tend to feel a lot more guilty then men, especially when it comes to balancing family-work life.

Although I don’t have children or a big household to run, I can relate in the sense that I feel guilty if I take an evening to myself. I can’t seem to stop. It’s important to remember not to feel guilty and remember that some weeks will be more geared towards one area and you can balance it out the following day/week by working more on the blog for example!

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