Hanukkah with Papyrus

This post has been sponsored by PAPYRUS®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

A wave of excitement comes over me as December comes around and everyone starts getting into the holiday spirit. If you are ever in doubt over what to get someone as a gift, a safe bet is to simply give them a sweet card with a few personal words written inside.

I wanted to share with you the Hanukkah collection of cards from PAPYRUS®; they have a really nice selection of cards at Duane Reade! Papyrus created a beautiful selection of cards, gift bags, and wrapping paper for Hanukkah. I especially love the embellished cards; each one looks super luxurious and unique! Visit your local Duane Reade today and check out the Papyrus greeting card aisle!

I got myself some really cute cards! I’m sure you will find a few cards you love, too! Be sure the ones who receive your cards will be so very touched. I mean, I’ve never known anyone not to love a personal handwritten card! It doesn’t have to be well thought-out or perfect; you can even just write down a funny joke or an inspiring quote you think they would appreciate.

I hope you guys have a beautiful Hanukkah, I can’t wait for all the celebration! xx


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