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On Yosef: Top: Catimini Shorts: Catimini Shoes & Hat: H&M

On Eitan: Top: Catimini Shorts: (Similar) Catimini Shoes: H&M

A favorite thing of mine is taking early morning walks with the kids, we will wake up early that morning, get dressed and drink a cup of warm chocolate milk then head outside when it is still quiet and the lighting is soft, we take a little walk and chat about this and that before it is time to drop them off at school. I think it is those few relaxing minutes with there mama instead of rushing out of the house to get to school on time that will make there day a little more enjoyable. I usually bring my camera along since they will always find some kind of activity that will be to cute to miss.

These kids are so full of imagination, my hubby and I always love talking about what incredible imagination and minds our kids have, they will somehow find a way to turn anything into a game, they have so many creative ideas and concepts I wish they will never be inhibited by fear or social pressures and always keep that sense of imagination for life.

If there is one thing I struggle with daily is that guilt I might accidentally pass my own personal hesitations and limits onto my children. I really love being there mama, I feel like I am learning so much about thinking outside the box when I am around them. Over the years I've spoken with my friends about different parenting methods and I've read dozens of parenting books and so many contradict one another that I keep asking myself what is the best method? Can we even know? I hope I am doing something right I know I am trying my best, and to all moms out there I hope you know no one has it all figured out no matter how much it seems like it and even if you loose your patience more than you'd like to admit, you're still an amazing mom and your family is the luckiest to have You!



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