Falling for fall

Fall is in full swing and we are soaking up EVERY MOMENT. This year we did not go to the pumpkin patch or a foliage road trip as we did in the past two years but we did go on a leaf tour around our neighborhood, ha!

We waited for a warm fall afternoon and walked outside where the side walks are covered in beautiful leaves in all different shades of red and orange. The kids love pilling up leaves and throwing them up in the air, it is one of their favorite thing to do! I love watching them, it feels like we are in a storybook with all of those perfect leaves and the kids giggles – so good. We also take some leaves back home with us and then we get all artsy and come up with pretty decent art projects. Can you tell we just a little bit obsessed with this season 🙂

Have a good week everyone!!! xx,


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