Dress: Solika  Shoes: Zara  Bag: Fossil

I am madly in love with white clothing, any chance I get I return to white. It may be a white skirt, blouse or dress, anything white I'll take! Even though I'm chasing 3 kids and will 100% get it dirty by the end of the day I refuse to give up this obsession, it's just an overall peaceful color that I can't seem to get enough of. Every time I come across a white dress I instantly fall in love, I think my dreams are made of white dresses 🙂

If you are anything like me and have zero patients of spending hours in front of the mirror a white dress may be you best answer. It is so easy to for summer and the options for styling a white dress is endless, you can either keep it all white or just add accessories in your favorite color and you are good to go. I love the bow sleeves on this Solika dress, a nice detail on a minimal dress.

Much love and Happy Tuesday x


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