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Dress: Zara Shoes: Lulu’s Bag: H&M

I find it quite interesting how you can discover your very own closet with the same items you see every single day. This dress was hanging on a hanger for several months patiently waiting for some attention from its owner, same goes to these killer platforms who were stuck in a box in a dark corner in the back of my closet. Then finally one morning it clicked! It was one of those “how did I not think of this before” moment. The bohemian style, the color, everything about this combination just clicked!

I love walking around the Old City of Jerusalem, I feel pretty much at home in the narrow streets and alleys, I spent my whole Elementary School years on Mt. Zion and it felt all nostalgic to just walk around and share memories from those past years.

The only thing was I had not taken under consideration the fact that I’ll be walking on the cobble stones in ridiculously high platforms. It was quite the challenge to say the least, I literally stumbled to the ground and my ankle was aching for some time during that day, at least I brought a smile to the faces of the passers-by who witnessed my shameful fall 🙂

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