Dress: H&M Hat: Lack of color

Lishai's pants: Zara Shoes: Boca Baby company

Yosef and Eitan: Pants: Next Tie dye shirt: made it Shoes: Salt Water

Is there anything more cheerful than yellow? I feel instantly happy when I see this color and although I don't wear it that often, I truly believe the way I dress and the colors I choose will effect my mood that day.

I think a great way to start your day before getting dressed is deciding what kind of day you are aiming for. If you are planning a low key, relaxed kind of day choose soft colors and easy silhouette, (this is what outdoor pajama sets were made for, wink). If you woke up feeling like a boss and want to get out there and conquer the world then now would be the best time to pull out those killer heels and go for a sophisticated look. At first this will seem kinda stupid but once you stick to focusing your mind towards the day you are going to have, unconsciously your day will be more successful. Trust me I've tried it, it works!

last Thursday I found myself having a "yellow kind of day" – quite literally I must add. In the morning I put on my yellow dress, in the afternoon I had coffee in a yellow mug and towards the evening we headed out to a yellow pinwheel exhibition in Prospect Park in Brooklyn where we all coordinated in yellow outfits. As we walked around the park I felt this color was projecting positive energy to the world and I loved it, even the shower of rain that got us all soaked to our toes didn't ruin this great day. xx











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