La Rose

Dress: Urban Outfitters Shoes: DSW Bag: Doen Hat: Lack Of Color

It’s hard not to get completely distracted by all the flowers around during summer. To me, they bring so much joy into ordinary life, they are all so beautiful and I get pretty excited when I see some beautiful roses or a lovely garden in the neighborhood. I think I would like to become a flower farmer one day! I try to have fresh flowers in the kitchen at all times but it would be pretty lovely to be surrounded by flowers all day long.

Some of you might have noticed my little obsession over strap dresses and a shirt underneath. I love how the shirt makes this ensemble look slightly more casual and laid back. I wish I could wear this type of look everyday, It’s all the things I love this season- dresses, light pink and white cotton shirts. Of course it isn't the most practical to wear around kids but it was perfect for a date night with my man. I got stopped several times by people asking me where it was from and Pin (my husband) made me giggle on the way home when he told me I look cute in this "skirt".

I’m definitely going to try this combo someday in the fall, perhaps with cute booties and a denim jacket over the dress! Until then have an amazing week ❤

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