Park Slope

Skirt: Zara  Shoes: Asos  Hat: Lack Of Colors  Bag: Chloé

Kids: Alex and Alexa

We are enjoying a few last days of nice jacket weather before fall turns into winter and puffy coats are all we can wear. New York gets so so cold, I'm not ready for it! Seriously I'm not sure what will get me through winter this year. Last winter was our first in NY and I was definitely not prepared, I desperately need to invest in a great warm coat.

I love walking around cute neighborhoods, Last Sunday we were in Park Slope, a cute neighborhood in Brooklyn. You'll find here a lot of moms pushing their strollers and some really cute coffee shops. what I love most about this area is the townhouses, most of the steps to the homes had cute pumpkins and fall decoration.

This lady came out of one of the houses and was arranging the pumpkins on her front steps, I told her how cute the decor was and she said how much she enjoys decorating for every season, she looked so proud of herself. Lets all love what we do as much as this sweet lady loves decorating her front steps! As simple as that. xx



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