Dress: Zara Shoes: J. Slides Bag: Sam Edelman

Hey guys! I’m excited about the next few days because the weather man seems to be in a really good mood and is giving us a lot of sunshine this week. Once it warms up I love wearing maxi dresses, they are so comfortable and easy to wear and with 3 kids around, I don’t have more than just a few minutes to get ready in the morning, therefore a one pieces outfit is definitely my go to these days. The last time I wore this dress was last year in Jerusalem (see here), I spent so much time in this beautiful city and wearing this dress again here in New York is reminding me of how much I miss that place.

Now that we have moved houses, we are exploring different areas in our new neighborhood any chance we get, one of the things we love doing is taking different routes every time we walk out just to see what’s around us and get to know our new neighborhood a little better. Try it! You’ll be surprised of the little gems you’ll discover even after you had thought you know your area pretty well! The other day we discovered a cute pink wall right around the corner of our new house, I have a feeling you guys will see a lot of this pink wall 🙂 Lots of love and see you soon, xx


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