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Dress: Rivka Zerbib Sweater: H&M Shoes: Dr. Martin’s Coat: KMJ Sunglasses: Karen Walker Bag: Dooney & Bourke

Some of you must have noticed our recent visit to New York is kind of not just a visit, it is a whole move! Yes, we are now living in NY for a new chapter in our life and as much as moving countries with 3 little kids can be really crazy (trust me on this), we can’t be more then excited for a new experience and great adventures that come with living in a new place. My wish list of things to do and places to visit is endless and I hope to slowly cross them off one by one. New York City is such a fascinating and incredible place to be in I feel very lucky to experience it. Last Sunday we went out the whole family to a Bugaboo kids party, there was music, balloons, arts & crafts and even a ridiculously large wall of doughnuts which the kids couldn’t get enough of which made them even more hyper! It’s funny how before I became a mom I said I’ll never give my kids any sugar and here they are eating 7 doughnuts each. Oh, the things we say when we are young clueless. Right after the party we walked around Soho, a neighborhood I love hanging out in and of course Yosef had to take a bunch of balloons and schlep them around all day. It happened to look super cute in our photos so I was like why not, even though the balloons kept flying in my face and I wanted to “accidentally” let them fly away (Ok, I wouldn’t).

As much as I am so so excited about this new chapter for our family I already miss Israel so much! Israel is my home and forever will be, this move is temporary and we will be back in no time! I just hope to insert as many visits as we can so it won’t feels as far. We left so much family and great friends, it was quite a tragedy to say goodbye. Thanks for visiting and following our adventures, I hope I can bring you many more fun images & ideas of where to go and what to do with or without your kiddos around NY. xx


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