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For the longest time I’ve wanted to go on a road trip and experience autumn’s glory in New England’s famous foliage. The foliage peek is in mid October so I was pretty excited to come to NY this time of year and  witness the wonders of nature at the height of its glory. We drove up north to western New England, the sight of the many different tree colors was astounding. We drove through little villages where every single path, store and tree was picture perfect. We kept getting sidetracked with one too many stops along the way. How could we not? We ended up in Litchfield, Connecticut, and as we drove through we saw this small lake surrounded by trees and the early afternoon light created the most beautiful reflection on the calm water. We sat down on a blanket by the lake surrounded by a rainbow of foliage, it made for the prettiest golden view and the perfect spot for a lunch picnic! The kids ran around, they collected different colors of leaves and threw small stones over the lake, they loved watching the rings formed over the water. We clearly got lucky with the weather, it was cool with just the right amount of warmth. It did make for the most memorable of a the trip!

Sorry guys but I will never get over my white dress obsession no matter the what season. This white dress is a few seasons old, you can find a similar one at my shop which is still on Holiday sale!!  (but not for long).

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