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Hat: Zara Sparkly dress: Nordstrom

Doesn’t Hanukkah give you the best feeling in the world?! I love decorating the house and hanging up some fairy lights to create a nice holiday atmosphere. It feels good to spend some extra time relaxing with the family, eating sfingiim (Moroccan doughnuts- I literally made them almost every night so far!) and too much fried food.  There’s nothing I like more than a cozy night at home- as much as I enjoy getting out I feel like there’s something heartwarming and calming about cozing up at home.

As you guys know I’m not the most fanciest type of girl on earth, I usually will go for more dressed down looks with little festive details rather than a sparkly dress and high heels combo, but this week is Hanukkah week and I thought what better time to put on some sparkle than now?! Hope you guys are having a great holiday!! Lots of love! xx


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