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Skirt: Zara  Sweater: Primark  Scarf: Rag & Bone  Boots: Steve Madden   Bag: Celine

Hey hey and happy Wednesday! Hope you are having a great week.  Before we moved to NY I gave 80% of my wardrobe to friends because I had a limited amount of packing space. I only kept the items I loved and some closet staples like my black leather jacket, my parka coat, white shirts and some knits- of course! 🙂 I must say it felt quite good, almost therapeutic, to give away so many clothes I had kept for years. I can’t wait to build up my wardrobe from scratch. Although, I notice, that as I get older, I spend more on quality and less on quantity, so it might take some time.

I’ve had this skirt for a while now, but I haven’t had a chance to wear it. This is one of those pieces you look at and immediately think of spring or summer- exactly what I thought. However, since I am left with a very limited wardrobe I have to get a bit creative when getting dressed. If you haven’t noticed yet, I am obsessed with knits so I tried this skirt with a slightly oversized knit and… Voila! I loved the look. So here is my tip to you, pair your knits with dressier skirts, it is a great way to dress down those fancier pieces but still look put together and you create an interesting, stylish blend at the same time. Yesterday my friend Dikla (also Israeli living in NY, you can check out her awesome blog here) and I, attended a friend’s birthday party on the rooftop of the James hotel in NYC, this “not too casual not too fancy” look felt just right! Apart from this look, the view of the city from the James hotel is absolutely unreal, it was quite cold up there but totally worth the 360 degree city view!


Lots of love! xx,


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