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Sweater: H&M Skirt: Nordstrom Boots: Zara Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Hey guys, today I’m talking about this not so new but interesting and bold trend – The Statement Sleeves. It only takes one quick scroll through Instagram or Pinterest to see that statement sleeves are still going strong, looks like this fashion trend is definitely here to stay! There are so many versions to this trend from wide bell sleeves to side ruffles, cut-outs to extra long and dramatic sleeves. This trend will not disappoint whether you are after that classy, feminine look or just want to look cool and sophisticated; this trend holds something for everybody. It is pretty wearable too, anyone can totally rock this trend, just be creative and make it fun! The shorter length and mini proportions of this sweater I’m wearing makes it by far my favorite to wear. The sleeves are an accessory in themselves, and since I like to keep my outfits simple and monochrome, the sleeves added just the right amount of drama for me. But feel free to take it further if you’re the type that likes to spunk things up.

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