Feels like spring is here in NY this week and we are loving it! I’m sure the low temps will be back in a blink of an eye so we are cherishing every bit of sunshine we can get. My boys are such outdoor kids, living in an urban surrounding will not stop them from being boys, they are always running around and chasing each other. I try to take them outside as much as possible even if it is just for a few minutes, the fresh air is soooo good for their little souls. Back in the summer when we were still living in Israel we lived in the smallest place 15 km away from the nearest town. We spend most of our time outside, collecting sticks, climbing trees, riding bikes and falling asleep on hammocks. Living in New York things are so different, I can’t imagine ever letting my children out of the door to roam freely like before. Their little hands get black with city grime, instead of proper mud and they barley even blink to the sound of a police car siren.

I do miss that little place where the sky seems to swallow you whole every time you step out the front door and where you can literally count the stars at night. I wish my children’s childhood can be more of that just because it is so relaxed and stress free. Sometimes Yosef, my oldest who is 5.5 will say “Why can’t we play outside like we used to, Mommy?” – a little blade to my already guilty heart.

Yet, despite all of this, New York does amaze me. I love the energy, the million umbrellas in the rain and the idea that here you could be anyone you want to be, I really wouldn’t change it for anything! xx,


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