Top: & Other Stories Skirt: Levi’s Shoes: Urban Outfiters

Hey Guys! I feel like this week has been the longest week ever, I guess it is because I’m packing up as we are moving houses next week. Packing up a house is no joke and although we don’t have that many things since we just moved to NY a few months ago it still seems like an endless task. The kids on the other hand are having the time of their lives with all the boxes around the house, they played hide and seek inside the boxes then they stacked them up into towers and lastly they decorated and colored on the boxes.

My husband snapped these photos a few weeks ago right when the weather stared warming and this top got me right into the spring mood.  I love this top so much, it has a lot of color to it but still feels simple and minimal just the right amount. I hope you guys like it!! happy Weekend! xx


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