Summer nights

Dress: H&M Bag: Doen Hat: Zara Shoes: Fox’s Sunnies: Urban outfitters

I’m loving summer in NY so much! This is actually my first summer here, I always came to visit during fall or spring but never came during the summer. One of the things I love about NY is the endless amount of summer activities the city has to offer. If I were to go out every single day I still wouldn’t be able to do half the activities I want to do.

On this particular day we headed to an outdoor movie night in Brooklyn Bridge Park. We brought along some snacks and drinks and sat on blankets on the grass with the stunning view of Manhattan right in front of us. That morning we checked the movie that was going to be played and we were thrilled when we saw it was going to be “office space”. Although Pin and I have already watched it in the past, we both loved it and didn’t mind one bit to re-watch this movie. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet. This dress ended up being perfect for sitting crossed legged for two hours as well as taking a long walk over the Brooklyn Bridge all the way to the other side which was a first for me. I was actually on the bridge a few times before but never committed to crossing all the way to the other side, the city lights were so beautiful and I’m glad we took that walk! We ended the night at Promenade in NYC, a really nice grill & sports bar with yummy yummy appetizers, it was a great end to a perfect summer’s night! xx



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