Holiday in Israel

Out trip to Israel was nothing short of amazing!! It was not quite simple  getting over that jet lag and settling back in with 3 kids, I am only now getting around to sharing some photos. We spent our time in Israel between family and trips, mostly in Jerusalem and the Judeaen Hills as this is where I grew up and where my family still live. It’s been one year since we moved to NY and it was the best feeling to be back. The whole area is just beautiful, surrounded by mountains and in the distance you can see the dead sea. The air is just so fresh- I’m not kidding, I really feel like I can breath deeper when I’m there. Most of my family (quite the large family I must say- I have 10 siblings!!) are in Israel and I’ve missed them tremendously this past year, it was so great seeing them all and catching up with everyone’s life, although two weeks was not enough, I wish we could stay for longer. Hope you enjoy these few snaps, now time to kick off some fall coziness and go cuddle up in a huge sweater! XX


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