Snow globe

Welcome to January in NY! We got a nice little snow storm last week which of course means school was canceled and we all got to hang out in our pajamas all day. We basically didn’t leave the house for 2 days besides a quick 5 minute walk I took just to feel the snow. To be honest, I don’t do really well in cold weather, I feel like my brain is frozen and I can’t think straight, every outing is deeply calculated if it is worth to bare the cold or stay home, plus it is to cold to ride my bike so this on it’s own makes me dream of warmer days to come. I grew up living in Israel so naturally these low temperatures are pretty aggressive to my taste, all I want to do is curl up into a ball and hibernate until the end of the winter. The only things that helps me get through these days is looking at it on the short term, just take it day by day without thinking how long the winter will last. I’m not sure how much sense this is making but it sure does help me get through the winter which apparently is only going to get worse. Anyway, setting aside all of my complains, I do think a snowy day is quite the pretty site and after all it isn’t a real New York winter without a few snow storms.

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