Summer days at the beach

Dress: Rivka Zerbib Shoes: J. Slides Hat: Lack Of Color Sunnies: Quay

I absolutely cannot wrap my head around the thought that we are nearly at the end of summer, didn't it just start a second ago?! I feel like I need so many more beach days, water fights with the kids and just lazy days in the back yard. Every time I spend a few hours at the beach I cannot understand why I don't come here every day, the kids are just drawn to that salty air and can play at the beach for hours at a time. Lishai is at that fearless age where she will literally run straight towards the water and get completely wet so this big blow up ball was a great distraction for her, she had such a blast bouncing on top of it and playing together with Eitan. I love summer with these sweeties!

Back in Israel we didn't live close to the beach at all, a trip to the beach was kind of a big deal for us and I feel lucky to live so close to the ocean now. Of course with the water comes the crazy humidity which i would definitely give away in a second, it's just too sticky for me, it reminds me of Tel Aviv while I am more of a Jerusalem girl. The humidity is really unnecessary in my book, I rather leave the stickiness during summer to water melon and ice cream. Hope you guys have the best end of summer and thanks for stopping by! xx



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