New beginnings

Dress: Asos  Slides: Maypoll (similar) Hat: Lack Of Colors

Hey guys! It's back to school week, which feels kind of bittersweet to me. On one hand I love hanging out with the kids on these long warm sunny days but then on the other hand, I am definitely ready to get back into some sort of routine and impose some structure around here 🙂 Looking at these photos, I can't believe how quick the kids are growing up. Lishai is running faster and faster, it's really hard to keep up with her. Eitan is going into Nursery which reminds me it is time to give him his very first haircut, he turned 3 a few weeks ago but we postponed his party as it fell right when we moved houses, and Yosef is starting first grade! Seems like just yesterday I became a mom and now I have a first grader!  I hope this year goes by smoothly & I wish all you moms out there a succesfull school year to you and your kiddos! All the love.


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