I know it is spring already but I was going through my photos and realized I never shared these. We survived our first winter in NY! I was so nervous before moving here, although I visited a few times before but never during the winter. I had people tell me we will not be able to leave the house for months and that we’ll get snow blizzards every other week. Truth is, it wasn’t that bad at all, I actually enjoyed the winter activities with the kids, we had some snow fights (only 2 days of canceled school) and a ski trip to Montage Mountain in PA. I would skip those days when my fingers felt numb after walking outside for 5 minutes or dressing three kids in a million layers, it just takes forever, I literally need an extra 30 minutes to find everyone’s hats, gloves, boots etc. I do see the beauty of a rainy day but I grew up in Israel where 55 degrees is an average winter’s day so heat is definitely my jam. That being said, I am so excited about spring and summer, mostly because I can just throw a tee shirt on the kids and step out (sounds like a far dream as we are still in coats as I’m typing). xx



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