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Hey guys! Such a clever title right? couldn’t think of anything better… I hope you all had a great Passover, my little family and I had a pretty amazing holiday and I wouldn’t mind having just one more day of relaxing and family time. What I love most about the holiday is the technology detox- no phone calls, no cameras, no Instagram, no moment to capture just 100% chill. This year I had an extra long holiday since here in NY unlike Israel their is one extra day to the holidays. I was actually nervous about it at first, I thought how much can we keep the kids entertained already?! and what if it rains and we are stuck indoors for days?! It turned out pretty fun actually, we bought some extra toys for the long afternoons and the weather was perfect so we even took a long walk to the beach- 1 hour each way!! My muscles were aching the next morning but filling up a day to keep the kids happy was totally worth the pain. Talking about the beach, I’m so thrilled it is finally warming up, I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am for beach days, I love laying on the sand and watching the kids play, they can literally play for hours at a time! They use up so much energy that after a few hours on the beach they literally eat all the healthy snacks I pack up which makes me a pretty proud mama! The beach really is my happy place, I always tell my husband about my dream of one day living right on the beach then he says he prefers living in the mountains and we get into an endless argument about where is the perfect place to live. haha

I don’t know why I am talking about the beach when I really should be talking about these pretty pink blossoms!! Every where I look the trees are blossoming, the colors are so beautiful, it makes me want to only wear pale pink lately, how pretty is this color?!

Hope you are all having a good week! xx


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מעוררת השראה! אמא צעירה יפה שיקית ומטופחת אין יותר יפה מזה❤❤❤

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